Wednesday, February 25, 2009

top chef surprise

sitting here watching the finale of Top Chef and they are in New Orleans. the final challenge is a 3 course meal prepared and served at Commander's Palace. i would not think anything about this. they just introduce the judges and i see this one woman who i know i know. and it hits me...In The Land of Cocktails!
so what only 2 people up here know, until now, is i have a half sister that i've never met. but we've been in some sort of mail/email contact for about 15 years. we've never met or spoken outside of photos and e/mail. well, one of the judges for the final is Ti Martin (no relation to me) and i freak out cuz she, along with my half sister, is one of the women behind the blog. how cool is that?! well, off to see who wins this thing. not looking good for my girl Carla???

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