Sunday, February 22, 2009

jam on it

the last 2 weeks i have had the best home made jelly i think i've ever had in my entire life. and it wasn't made by my sister. it was made by this woman. it somehow got lost in the shuffle of home made jellies that my sister shipped home with me on the last couple of visits. and anyone who knows me understands what a creature of habit i am. i don't typically eat breakfast and i'm in the habit of plain toast. so when i came across this jar and didn't recall what it was, i was a bit hesitant. opening it up i thought it looked like cheeries but still wasn't sure. it was. and it was heaven. i LOVE chunks of whatever fruit you're making it out of in a preserve and this had tons. i had intended to post a photo with this entry, but it didn't quite make it. i scraped every drop out of that jar. and i'm missing it as i type! thank you so much DJ!

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Anonymous said...

You are very welcome! You will love this year's batch even more - I'm using a different type of pectin that requires less sugar, so it's even more real-fruit-ish. :-)

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