Sunday, September 14, 2008

RibFest 2008

in what proved to the be wetest RF ever, i think we had one of the best times. this year's fest gave birth to our new slogan: RifFest Come Hell or High Water!
as usual, i'm usually too busy running around doing whatever that i forget to take picture. so i don't have any of the wii movie screen. but i did manage to click off a couple of Tent City. while we spent today getting ready to be flooded at our house, i wanted to take the time to at least post a few pics from the festivities last night.

the boys did an amazing job on the tent. i've never seen a tarp so big. and we all stayed dry! thanks Korby and Tucker!

this year, Mr A hired an intern. i think Bob is going to work out well! good luck with the job placement program!

shuffleboard was the usual hit. we really dug your girlfriend Dykstra!
yeah donna, that's your boy!
sorry we didn't get to the dollar game/ladybug sooner, but we did still get to it. 2 rounds and the Kim's won. guess Charles will get that new truck after all. congrats Scuba Steve.

and as always, a HUGE thanks to the P's for hosting us once again! there's no way we could do this without you.

see you again next year.....if yer lucky!

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