Thursday, September 18, 2008

exactly how high is that water?

okay, i've gotten questions about this today (mostly email) and hopefully this will help. i've had to go back and pull some old photos since i couldn't take anything last night or this morning. but hopefully this will help.
The Patio

right now the water is actually about a foot over our patio. the patio and the deck are not the same thing. some of you will recall we started building the deck LAST YEAR (i'm not bitter). well, even though IT'S STILL NOT DONE, it's a good thing we have it. the dogs would have nowhere to go. the old deck was about 5ft x 7ft if that. so it's gonna save us for now. anyway, the gravel parking area you see is completely under water and the patio in the background is too. we're using the East steps to come and go (that includes loading the boxers up in the kayaks).

using this photo, the first step is under water and you can barely see the 2nd. and keep in mind, we haven't crested yet!

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