Tuesday, July 17, 2007

this thing is getting out of control

okay, this started as a VERY belated gift to me, but the chaise is gettting the kind of attention i never intended.

glad everyone likes it so much. i've had lots of questions about where i got it from. the story goes......2 years ago i found the matress on sale through PotteryBarn. i think it went for $200 originally but i got it for $90. stupid me, at the time, thought that was the price for the matress and the frame. didn't see the $700 tag for the frame. when only the matress arrived, i decided to check their site again and, sure enough, it was just the matress. fine. it only took 2 years for Nacho & Co. to build the frame. but can i say? it's been well worth the wait! i've gotten my 2 years worth out of this thing in just the past 2 weekends. now i'm on recon for 2 more people to find this same matress so they can build one. geesh! if i knew this thing was gonna generate work......


Anonymous said...

I have never been more proud of my man.

Anonymous said...

Look, I am posting! Hey, I was tired after a long day of, deciding what to do about the deck.

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