Tuesday, July 3, 2007

a Southern tradition

the only thing i've been wanting for longer than the chaise are these crepe myrtles. crepe myrtles ARE the South. i grew up in the South but moved away in 1993. all that time and i miss 3 things (in no particular order): my family, the beach, crepe myrtles. thanks to my husband, we live on the water in Illinois so i kinda have my "beach". and i talk to my family often enough that it suffices. but the crepe myrtles have eluded me until this year.
a new nursery in my town advertised they have winter hardy myrtles. we'll see about that this year. but so far so good. i bought 2 of them with the intent that i'll move them to large planters eventually and be able to keep them outside. for now, their temporary home are these 2 plastic containers. but they have done great - thanks i'm sure to the fabulous, nutrient-rich Illinois river water. one is in full bloom and the other is on it's way.

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