Thursday, April 11, 2013


you know how people say "when you see something you like, you better go after it!"  well, they are right!  and i am disgusted with myself over this little baby here!
i saw it 1 week ago today in the Habitat Restore.  actually, i saw 3 OF THEM!!!! and i did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!  i am hating myself right now because it is the exact chair i was looking for to put in the office/spare bedroom remodel.  think they'd question me much if i just walked up and said "Hi!  I'm SoNSo here to pick up my chair".  that would make for one embarrassing mug shot!

it turns out Crate & Barrel sells a similar chair (Sasha) on their site for $530.  it's probably best that Restore could not tell me how much each of theirs sold for.

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337 said...

I've done the same and had the same happen. If you see something that fits exactly where you want to put it and the price is right you have to pull the trigger.

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