Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!  how did you celebrate?  we started a little early with our boat club party last night.  Nacho & i were hosting so i decided to make some centerpieces.  i took this
and made this

i know, very uncharacteristic of me!  what can i say?  Pinterest has inspired me somewhat - although can i say 4th of July ideas are the hardest to find.  i love looking at old photos & it was fun making these & going through the few that i received.  
the meeting was hot & it was a small turnout but we made the best of a sweaty situation.  i also planned a little "leave your mark" activity.  a few weeks ago i gave the picnic tables a much needed makeover & decided they also needed a little personalization.  so anyone that wanted to was welcome to leave their mark & boy did we?
apparently our benches are 8 feet long!  
that was all last night.  today we did a little wakeboarding in the morning & kept cool int he AC the rest of the day.  oh yeah, and a little firework watching to finish it all off

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