Friday, June 3, 2011


it's no lie & definitely no secret that i am a commitmentphobic. it is by shear alcohol & an awesome prenup that i even made it down the aisle & out the door! actually nacho claimed he was pregnant. don''t believe me? about the commitmentphobic thing not the nacho pregnant thing.  then take a look at this
i am so afraid of making an actual decision, that i would not even attach the cabinet hardware. i taped all of them in place cuz "i might change my mind". oh, not about what hardware i bought, but WHERE I WOULD ACTUALLY WANT THEM INSTALLED! really? it's not like there are a lot of options about where to attach this stuff.  but you never know & i want to be prepared in case it becomes the fad to attach them all backwards & in the back of cabinets.  Cookie agress with me completely


337 said...

you sure you don't want to move that handle 1 3/8" left? I think it would look better. how do you open the cabinets without pulling the tape off every time?

you are hereby forbidden to say anything about any of my crazy OCD stuff. I at least attached my drawer pulls to the cabinets without testing them for their optimal position 1st.

Cookie said...

really? 1 3/8? i was so set on 1 3/16 but now that you mention it, i will have to rethink the entire kitchen. Nacho! stop! we're moving the stove into the living room! and nope the tape doesn't come off for about a week! then you just put more on. now is the time to buy stock cuz i'm sending the price through the roof!

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