Sunday, January 9, 2011


we are finally doing IT!  after 10 years of living in this dump and 6+ of talking about it, the kitchen has spoken! i guess today would mark the official start of our kitchen remodel.  we have always hated the layout of our kitchen & knew it needed an overhaul, but then the cabinet doors started falling off, we'd had enough.
we have the bulk of the layout done & the cabinets are coming from IKEA. we knew we wanted (1) an island and (2) to open up the view to the river. here's the before
so everything on the right will be torn out and replaced with windows. to see how that would look, and to test the idea of an island out, Nacho began dismantling the entire right side.
and now they're our temporary island
with an OSB countertop
so this is what we'll be living with for the next month easily. the sad thing is, i like it much better already. the only thing that is not an accurate reflection of our future layout is the fridge & pantry on the left. those will move to the location of the current sink. the sink will move to the island. where you see the pantry & fridge now will be a built-in banquet dining area.
i highly  recommend doing a test layout like this! we already resized the island based on what we've done today. the only thing holding us up at this point is flooring. that's been a 10-year odyssey for me! so somehow i have to do in 30 days what i have not been able to do in 10 years...find flooring for this project. wish me luck!


337 said...

Let Nacho help you...he's fast at things, look at how quickly the deck railing was finished. well, actually, it was much faster than 10 years and I can't talk much since I'm still working on my basement.

For the flooring you need something indestructible and easy to clean. easy. Don't use bamboo, from what I've heard, its not as hard as everyone makes it out to be.

Cookie said...

i'm so glad you said that about bamboo. i'm using it for the countertops along the wall & on the dining table (not the island). i told Terry i didn't want to use it on the floor because i heard it really wasn't that good. and those poor panda bears!

Unknown said...

Am so excited for both of you! Can't wait to continue to watch the progress - it's just like we are neighbors. Gotta love the internet!

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