Monday, November 16, 2009


my god i've been so busy with absolutely nothing lately that i haven't posted anything. and a co-worker is having and issue with this. let's see...
* we've been working furiously on the gabion wall for the last 3+ weeks and finally put the last one in place yesterday in the rain. i have more photos but just haven't got around to posting them. once again i'm reaffirmed what a great team nacho and i are.
* nacho started hockey so i'm shuttling the little one to games now. luckily it's just B League this year so my back is happy about that. sorry ski-feet!
* we got the beach back end of last week. this would be he passing our our annual Fall flood. luckily it only made it up to the sea wall and no threat to the gabion work
* monsters are still spoiled. some things never change. although i think i've found a biking partner in Butterz!
* works SUCKS! i hate my job more and more each day and am beginning to embrace PMS - Potential Murder Suspect. i promise not to post pics of that!
* oh, yeah, and then there's that phone that's been eating up some of my time. i finally joined the 18th century. i miss my abacus!


Anonymous said...

Don't care how busy you are, want pictures of those beautiful boxers, it's not about you it's about them......LOL
A Coworker....

Anonymous said...

Gotta tell ya, when I am down in the dumps I checkout the daily boxer and it ALWAYS makes me smile.
Thank You,
A Coworker....

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