Monday, June 2, 2008

step one

so i MEANT to post this weeks ago, but i meant to do a lot of things that i didn't. but while i went back to the motherland, nacho and co. worked diligently on my "dream door". so we are famous for stuff "washing up on our beach". when we talked about taking out the picture window in our living room and installing a door, i said "if i could have my dream door, i'd like the 4-panel door. but i realize i will have to settle for the 3-panel slider." well, thanks to Lakeside, i didn't have to settle and i didn't have to pay full price. it might as well have washed up on the beach! AND it was installed in record time. so this ongoing deck project can now be accessed directly from the living room. and this past weekend, nacho worked like mad to get the step built for it. for once, a project checked off the list before i even had time to put it on! Thanks babe! and thanks tons Lakeside

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