Thursday, November 15, 2007

i hadn't thought about this in years!

while working until 1am last night/this morning, a co-worker showed me a blast from the past!

i have to check with my bro and sis, but i'm almost positive we had one of these when i was a kid. or maybe i knew someone who did. i did alot of cough medicine when i was younger (aka up until 10a this morning) and i swear we had one. what i'd love to find is a picture of an even better toy that my bro and sis had when they were babies - some "walker" contraption that was a crab with claws that clip clopped on the floor when they would push around on them. oh, i should mention, my siblings are twins, so any gift that was given was given in two's. my mom railed about those damn crabs for year. i'll see if i can locate something on them. in the meantime, you can find this baby at a very reasonable $29.99 at Toys'R Us.

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