Wednesday, September 12, 2007

no really, thanks

so i'm swimming last night and some guy mistakes me for some swim team member. he stops me during laps to ask if i'm "swimming with anyone". i mistakenly took this to mean he needed a lane. he clarified that he was impressed with my swimming and more impressed that i was self-taught. okay, so if this was a pickup line, i'll take it. oh, and i doubled my kick turns last night.

i know it's shameless self-promotion to even be posting about this, but if you knew how slow and clumsy i am you'd understand why i feel the need to brag about this. i mean, i fall going UP stairs. i bump into everything and i'm famous for cutting myself on sharp objects - and not intentionally! i consider myself the living Mrs. Magoo! so when the opportunity arises for something that i've actually been able to accomplish, well, i'm all over that shit!

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