Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RibFest 2009

we knew it was going to go horribly wrong, when these people showed up

there were lots of ribs

seasoned vets who hit the grill early

WAY TOO MUCH bag game ('til 1:00am)

none of this (see bag game)

and plenty of man love (picture cropped to protect the innocent)

and money lost (fyi Norm cheats)

but a good time was had by all! Moser and Norm will just have to agree since i'm sure they remember very little of it.

thanks again to the P's for hosting, cooking, and generally tolerating! see you next year!?


Kate said...

Thanks for a wonderful Rib Fest!!

Unknown said...

I can't believe we ate all of those Ribs, well yeah I can cuz Mr. A really knows his stuff when it comes to cookin Ribs! Thanks again for hosting a wonderful event, and we look forward to next year!!!!!!!!
P.S. they'll probably be more ribs for the rest of us to eat cuz we heard they don't invite cheaters back, sorry Norm.LOL

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