Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

our Christmas took on a personal theme this year.  after Nacho's very generous anniversary gift last year, we promised not to buy each other big gifts for at least another 5 years.  it's been the best thing we've done because it's challenged us to get a little more creative about any small gifts.
1st up, this adorable Laura Berger print i picked up for Nacho at the One of a Kind Show Chicago a few weeks ago.  i love it & so did Nacho.
i made a promise to myself that in 2013 i would put more stuff on the walls.  stop living like a college student.   i do like it when people create personal "galleries" in their home.  also, i wanted to give Nacho something representing him & his Favorite Girl = Cookie!
i LOVE this photo!  of all the ones i've ever taken of Cookie, it is by far my favorite.  Nacho got pretty choked up over this.
while framing this i learned that i need to start shooting in a large format because this could only be printed out in 4x6 without having to "stretch" it & i didn't want to distort the photo.  i have since changed the setting on my camera.
i'd been looking at this frame at Target for some time but didn't pay attention to the fact that it was for a 5x7 photo.  i discovered that when i went to put it all together.  thank goodness for the college years - i worked in an art gallery for 3 years & did all custom framing.  so it was a simple matter of cutting a mat with a 4x6 opening for the photo & just taping it to the back of the mat that came with the frame.  in the end, i think it looks much better double matted.  
while Nacho got all choked up over that photo, i completely lost it over this one!
this is THE ONLY photo of us with Butterz at Bark in the Park.  i framed this & gave it to Nacho's mom for Christmas several years ago.  i made it very clear to him last year that it was the only thing i wanted back.  i was fine with even a copy. i didn't have to have the original but it was the only photo of Butterz that i did not have.  i was a bawling mess people!  i could not have been more floored.  and check out that frame!  that's a custom welding job by Nacho himself.  pretty impressive!
and while we got so busy this year that we did not do our usual pre-Christmas puzzles (aka 12 Days), we figured it's never too late to start.  so we broke out the puzzle this morning.
and no Christmas would be complete without a little cuddling boxer style!  Cookie cuddling of course with her favorite human!
and Baxter cuddling with his favorite bunny Jessie!
hand made or store bought, hope you had a very personal Christmas too!

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