Thursday, September 22, 2011

and Happy 10th to me!

so this is what 10 years of commitment got me!

not bad eh? and i'll give him props, Nacho totally surprised me with this one!  and no it is not a 1/19th model this time & it's not a rental.  all mine!


337 said...

foreign car lover!

nice, always liked the Z, looks clean for a '98...please tell me its stick.

and its a good nacho size too.

Tara said...

OMG! WOW we are so jealous! What happened to the ole" girl????

Cookie said...

Yes its a stck & get this....nacho has never really driven one! Wow! Anywho, 6 speed & I luv it. We still hav the Tribute. This will go n2 storage 4 the winter. No salt 4 this one

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