Thursday, December 20, 2012


we're a little like geese when December rolls around.  we Summit County, C.  and last weekend was no different.  although it was just Nacho, Korby & I (aka family vacation).  we did our usual snowboarding rounds - Copper Mountain on Friday and Beaver Creek on Sunday.
Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek
we got really lucky at Beaver Creek & it snowed all day Sunday.  yippee!!
but we mixed it up with a little cross country skiing on Saturday at the Frisco Nordic Center.
this was a first for Nacho & Korby but i'd taken lessons back in Feb at Winterpark.  here's a little gratuitous photos since i never did post about that trip.

i liked it so much though, i have since bought my own skis & poles.  it was nice to get back into a lesson & realize i'd actually remembered more than i thought & didn't do too bad.  i'm really looking forward to this as a winter supplement to my running.  that is if we ever get any snow to speak of!

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