Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paw-fect Stocking

har har!  get it?  "paw-fect"?  a little dog humor!  i thought that might ease the transition into another gap in posting.  didn't even notice it after that little joke did'ya?

yes, it's been a couple of weeks since posting but we were busy visiting The Fam down in Florida & then getting our Christmas on at the house!  i decided to revive an old tradition of my mom's - putting the decor up right after turkey day!  but since we were in FL for turkey, it had to wait until this past weekend.  but i am proud to say i have all my holiday goodies up & time yet to create more if i choose. yeah me!

and on that note, i spent Saturday working on a project that i actually meant to do for last year - new doggie stockings.  i had never really been a fan of the 1st two iterations of stocking for our kids & had planned to make new ones last year.  in true ME fashion, i bought all the supplies and......they sat!  so after putting up all my decorations last Friday, i was hanging the existing stockings & remembered those supplies sitting in the box.  out they came & to work i went!  i got my Pinspiration from this

my colors are a bit different - i went with a dark brown trim, but here's how it all went down!  i started by free handing the paw pattern (my printer refused to cooperate).  i'm also so cheap the type of person that likes to recyle, that i didn't want to waste another piece of paper just to get the end of the paw.  instead, i just continued cutting past the paper to create the round end.  i also cannot draw stick figures so this was probably the most stressful part for me...drawing!
 i then cut out the pad parts from brown felt.  yet more free handing & stress!
i then sewed the pads on using the embroidery floss & just making it up as i went stitch-wise!
then i created the "sandwich" that the tutorial advised.  i got a little confused here because of their wording (their "dark" fabric was my "light", etc.), but i finally got it stacked correctly.
notice the dark & light fronts & backs are stacked "back-to-back".  so the liner pieces (aka dark) are  placed rough sides together, furry side out.  then the outside (aka light) pieces are placed on each side of those with furry side out!

 then more hand stitching with the embroidery floss down one side & up the other.  without stopping or cutting the floss, then stitch across the opening side of the front, then the opening side of the back.  obviously if you just stitch across, you'll stitch it closed & that's okay if your "kids" have been bad & you have no intention of filling their stockings - hear that Baxter, no more drinking out of the toilet!!!
i finished my stockings off with a twine hanger.  i have plenty of twine laying around from gardening & just rolled the top cuff down & make-shifty sewed a twine loop in place to hang them from.
okay, i actually sewed the twine on the wrong side.  i had my other stockings leaning the other way, so i went back & sewed a 2nd loop to keep it in line with the others.  you know what that means?  i don't have to commit to hanging it one way or the other!  suprised?

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