Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Time is It?

Anyone besides me remember this?  OMG i played this tape until it burned through.  ohhh the 80's!
but what i'm talking about is when you take a map of your downhill adventure this past summer
combine it with an old stretch canvas commemorative photo from the local farm hockey team
add a little of this
a kit from a local craft store....and what do you end up with?  well, i didn't end up with exactly what i set out to do for my Pinterest Challenge, but, in the end, that turned out to be kind of the fun of it!
my inspiration came from Young House Love's DIY art project

My plan was to paint over the hockey print. yep i said that right & painted over it - and Nacho did not freak out about it.  i started out by using ordinary white house primer that i already had & then discovered that white spray primer was just as good & faster - and i had that too!
next i was supposed to recycle more paints that i had to create something similar to the YHL art, but got stuck when i didn't have multiple colors that worked well together.  i really didn't want to buy MORE paint since we have only about 30 cans in the garage.  
that's when i came up with the idea to use a map.  i'd seen maps used in a variety of decorative projects.  so i guess, technically, i hit on two Pinspirations!
the tough part was getting the map wrinkle free, which, of course i didn't accomplish but i really have to embrace getting something done instead of doing it perfectly!

The clock kit came from Hobby Lobby & cost me less than $7.00.  so really, if you don't count the cost of the trip this past Aug (and you can't cuz that was priceless), not only was i recycling but i saved some $$$.
oh, and the clock arms??  well, i couldn't find anything minimalist or NOT GOLD, so i just cut a couple slices from some Post-It notes i have & attached them for now!  so What Time Is It?

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Katy@TheOpenDoor said...

I love this! Very clever, and I love the post-it note hands! haha!

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