Thursday, November 8, 2012

Early Batch

you won't usually see this
for at least another month.  but we were so excited & grateful to be done with Cookie's radiation treatments that we just couldn't resist making a batch for the VCA staff.  of course, the minute a couple co-workers found out, i had to promise to bring some in.
for those who've never experienced this treat, they are called Pizzelles and Nacho makes them every Christmas.  they are D-Lish!
although the ingredients are pretty basic (sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, vanilla extract), as we've learned, there is some sort of trick to it because they seem to come out different every year!  Nacho has tweaked the recipes multiple times (one year even trying to do a healthy version YUCK), but we think this batch is by far the best!
you can use an electric Pizzelle maker (like we do) or the old ones you held over a stove - no thanks!
you can see the batter in the picture above, lower left corner.  it's rather thick - thicker than cake batter but not as thick as peanut butter.  just put a dollop on each pattern
close the lid & let it sit for 1 minute & you've got yourself warm soft Pizzelles.  Nacho lays ours out to cool & harden, but you can roll them up into cannolo & fill them with creme or ice cream.  speaking of ice cream, most people say they remind them of a waffle cone & that's about right.
we've seen traditional recipes call for Anise, but neither one of us care for that so we just leave it out.  and this year i sprang for some expensive type vanilla & i think it was worth it.  you can really taste it.
so while we did save some for ourselves, the bulk of them (7 dozen to be exact) went to VCA to thank them for all they've done for Cookie.
and i'd say they were worth every penny!

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