Thursday, February 14, 2008

technical difficulties and other stuff

after a fun week snowboarding at Steamboat (yes, i will post the Gnome tossing photos) i came home to find that my router had tanked. and because i'm too lazy to run the network cable from the modem over to my computer, i'm having to use nacho's pc to post this. and because i'm too cheap to go out to BestBuy or some other local monger, i'm waiting patiently for my shiny new wireless router to arrive from NewEgg. suffice it to say, i'm joining the 18th century and going wireless. masses of people are clapping uncontrollably. so yes, those of you with wireless laptops can jump on the shiny newness when you visit. i must admit, my intentions are a bit selfish. i enjoyed surfing from my PSP this past week in Steamboat and it convinced me to finally go wireless. i think the PSP put a hit out on my router. so 3-day delivery, hurry up will ya? oh, and yes, i'm too cheap to pay for faster delivery. i girls gotta have her shiny new snowboard too!

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