Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the guardians

i think nacho and i have proven that we can barely take care of ourselves and the boxers. anyone who knows us would attest to the fact that we cannot dress ourselves. i'm still upset that they don't make garanimals for adults and my dependency on them shows!

but recently, 2 sets of friends have some warped vision that nacho and i would make great guardians for their kids should anything happen to them. can you imagine? anyone been there when nacho was "watching Matrix"? so i've been amazed for some time how most everyone we know, says it's too bad we decided not to have kids. that we'd make great parents. at first i think, "that's very nice, but you really need to lower your dosage." then i think "what is it you see that we don't?" then i realize, it's more like "when one person poops, we all have to wear the diaper."

suffice it to say, nacho and i have discussed this guardianship thing at great length. the one set of friends is back home in Florida, so that really wouldn't be an option. if anything did happen, their son would have to relocate to Illinois. so we've found a happy medium with being their financial guardians instead. as for the other couple, we're going to sit down next week to talk. i guess we'll need a larger kennel, another shock collar, and an appeal to garanimals.


Anonymous said...

Possibly a large litter box, too!

Don't worry, Duke and I will leave the kids to his sister. :grin:

ALF said...

Found your site from jane's - just wanted to say hi!

They should totally make garanimals for adults, that would be awesome.

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