Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sweet freedom

have you ever tried to remember that song, celebrity, movie, whatever and it was just rackin' your brain that you couldn't think of it? and you're with a group of friends when it happens and you're all like "ugh! this is gonna kill me if i don't remember it!" and the conversation moves on but you can't really pay attention cuz you're still stuck in that thing you couldn't remember from 2 hours ago? or, if you're like me, 2 days ago? then, out of nowhere, you remember it and and you yell it out like you have terrets syndrome or something. of course you're usually in a different crowd by that time and no one has any idea what the hell you're talking about, so you ahve to explain it. and finally, you can feel that knot in your stomach release and you feel 50 pounds lighter? well, that's what it finally feels like to have my router replaced, hooked up, config'd and back online. okay, maybe more like 6 hours and 2 flushes after that la bamba super burrito. but you get the idea!

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