Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Portraits for PAWS

i got the opportunity this past Saturday to attend a group photo shoot at a local shelter.  the group organizes through the MeetUp site.  a friend recommended it to me some time ago.  i've never used it for anything before other than getting their emails about local events pulled together by individuals.  i like to play with photography but, like all things me, have a very short attention span so struggle with focus - haha pun completely intended.

when i saw the Portraits for PAWS, they got me!  anything animal related & i'm there.  it was enlightening (pun not intended) to say the least.  a lot going on at one time & varying levels of experience & equipment by members.  i may not have learned a lot about photography specifically, but i certainly got my feet wet in a photo shoot.  jockeying for position, waiting for that "right" shot, working with multiple levels of energy (the pets, not us), etc.  i'm so glad i did it!  besides, it will help me better prepare for this year's Portraits With Santa shoot that i know is being planned as we speak.  i also hope it will allow me to feel more confident in volunteering my time at another local shelter that could use the photography help!

so here are just a couple of photos, unedited.  i elected to shoot in black and white even though that may not be what works best for the shelter, i like the personality that it brings to a photo.  besides, there were several other people shooting in color so i wasn't worried about what the shelter will be able to use for their site.

you can see more photos from the group HERE.  i hope you will consider a rescue in the future.  there were lots of great pets that really do deserve good homes!

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