Monday, June 25, 2012


i was finally able to get close to Mama Duck tonight. the closer the eggs get to hatching, the longer she tends to stay on the nest & is reluctant to leave.  we learned that from the last 2 nests.  the good is, i can walk up to within maybe 5 feet of her & she won't flinch.  the bad is, i don't want any of the neighbor kids knowing.  so i also try to go out when no one is around so i don't draw any attention.  well, without further adieu.....
i realize now of course, my ISO was a little high so it's a bit grainy.  sorry!  and here she is about 2 hours later, going back in for the night.  
like before, i'm taking this photo (1) in the evening & (2) from up on the deck which is 100+ yards away so i don't disturb her.  but i sure wish you could see the dance she does before hopping up into that nest.  lots of tail wagging!  it's so cute!
i also went back to the last 2 duck nests to see how long before hatching & i think it's about 45 days.  since she laid the first 2 eggs July 16th, we have a bit to go.  but since she's staying longer on the nest, my time could be off.  of course that calculation took into account the days we walked the last two clutches out so they definitely hatch 3+ days prior to that.  i'll try to do a better job on the math this time!
let's keep rooting for her though to see this thing through!

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