Friday, June 3, 2011

banking on it!

no sooner than i started the bamboozled post, did Tom show up to begin installation of the dining room seating. magic i tell you magic!
and after a little dry fitting, whala!
but no one is perfect and neither is bankie. seems he's not the square we'd like him to be
that's about a inch and a half gap in the corner. truth be told, it's not bankie, it's wallie. who would have guessed our walls were not perfectly square?  OH WAIT! I KNOW THIS ONE! PICK ME! PICK ME! so Tom will be doing a little work on Monday to "straighten" this out.
we also have an outlet underneath that right now is totally useless because of the depth for one.
so Tom's gonna moving that up to bench shelf in case we ever need it. and i hear there is going to be a shortage of outlets so SOME PEOPLE are stocking up. guess i should hang onto mine then.

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