Friday, June 3, 2011


it's a week later & i'm finally getting around to posting the bamboo pictures. i know! you'd think after waiting 10 years to do this i'd be faster on the posting. you'd THINK!  well, i am what i am.
i'm amazed how many people i've talked to through this process who have never heard of using bamboo for counter tops.  i'd been thinking about it for a few years & not for the reason most people seem to gravitate to it - the environment. since we don't have kids, we got a free pass to use as much of this planet as we damn well please. matter of fact, i come home every day & empty out at least 2 aerosole cans just for laughs.  so eat that hippie shoe smokin' tree huggers!
i was a bit surprised last Friday when i called Tom to ask a painting question & he tells me he's in my kitchen installing the bamboo countertops. no, i was not home, but wouldn't it be just like me to be standing there & not know someone was right next to me?  i won't even tell you about how i walked into a fitness center today & couldn't figure out why they weren't the lighting store i was supposed to be in - NEXT DOOR! a-n-y-w-h-o..... Tom couldn't say enough about how good they looked, so i was pretty stoked to get home & see them.  so stoked i couldn't write about it for A WHOLE WEEK! yeah, that's it!!!  so here they are in all their glory & man, photos just don't do them justice!
NorthEast corner. so to the right of the stove. above this will be a really cool hanging rack. just wait!
little bit of a close-up for you. we got what is called Flat Grain.  you can check out Totally Bamboo for other examples.
and this is the entire section complete!  of course can't have a photo op without Cookie!
and when you put it all together....
so what are the blue tabs?  tell you more about that later. it's probably what you think, but it gets worse!

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Anonymous said...

Kitchen looks amazing just to bad you covered up all that kick ass floor

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