Wednesday, July 29, 2009

escape from nachotraz

as i said earlier, we've been busy with all kinds of summer goodness. guess that's what happens when you flood 5 FREAKIN TIMES IN ONE YEAR!!! you have to make up for lost time fast! so this was back at the end of June. another nacho moment...the P's have a place in Florida and one of the neighbors was moving so they needed to get rid of some sailboarding equipment they had. do you think you're son would want it? sure! why not! and that's how it came to be.
TJ was kind enough take time out of his precisous schedule when he did finally visit us, and hang out with nacho for he afternoon and teach him how to work this thing. sadly, that's the only time he's had it out so far. but there will be more and of course i'll be there to not take pictures and not post anything about it! hooray me!

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