Wednesday, July 29, 2009

deck update....seriously!

okay, so it's been SOOO long since i (1) took any pictures of the deck and (2) posted anything about it, that it's probably safe to assume it's done and we've moved on to some other project. WRONG! no sir, nothing ever goes fast around here! it's season three of the Infinity Deck (because it just goes on and on). i don't think i took any pictures of the deck last summer and a lot has happened since then. true to form, i changed my mind about something and we now have a new section added to the deck...cuz ya know, we needed more room. and, of course, i forgot to take a picture of it today before it got dark so the Extension will have to wait until tomorrow. but since i promised Korby i'd post something, here goes.
some of you may remember the time we used interior molding for railing. let's see that was the winter 2007. the year we started all this. the 2nd winter saw string (i'm not kidding) string as the railing. yeah, JT, that really was string. and now, in summer3, we are well on our way to an actual, real life, something close to a dictionary definition, railing! nacho has been working his but off the last 3+ weeks and here's what he has to show for it:

First up: You have to train your top rail!

You can't just set the boards up there for cryin' out loud. so you lay them across the posts (stainless steel works best!) and you let them sit out in the sun so they sag. this creates a "memory". then when you turn them over and they bow up, you attach the support bar to them and it forces the to straighten out. but won't they just sag again? nope! the "memory" and the support bar keep that from happening. fyi, this was an actual conversation. oh, and i want to be sure to mention that nacho drilled out all the holes for the posts without a single mess up! good nachos!

Next Up: this rule does not apply to the stair railing

there was no training going on here. just straight up support bar underneath and attaching them to the posts. all the railings attach to the post by this cool little sleeve (that i also didn't take a picture of). it's a smaller diameter piece of post, with a square peice welded on top. it fits in the post and the railing screws into the square plate. done!

Finally: yes, this is actual stainless cable

but no, it's not permanently in place. not to get ahead of himself, nacho strung a few sections just to see how it would look. and it's going to look awesome. he's encountering some engineering issues Korby & Moser, please call him and make him talk to you about this so we can pick another brain. the simple fix would be to buy the $25.00 turn buckles that already do whatever it is that needs to be done. but we need 50 or so of those and, well, that ain't gonna happen.

there are plenty more pictures. i just have to find them (ahem, take them) and post them. i swear there is an Extension and i will show it considering the pain in the butt it was to add. but it has made for the most awesome hammock hangout. Arnie is planning her deck with a hammock cave too!

and i cannot say enough about how impressive this has all been in that nacho has done so much with the help of friends, but also so much totally on his own. it has really given me a huge appreciation for his patience and persisitence. i would have hired this out a long time ago and probably not gotten something i like as much as i know i'm going to like this!

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