Monday, April 13, 2009

Suggestion Box

so nacho and i took the new girl out for a spin Sat. sadly, no pics. why do i even own a camera. it was all very impromptu. since our beach is still completely under water, launching it was easy. we just used the 4 wheeler and backed it over the berm (what's left of that). easy peasy. on her maiden voyage, we scored 2 buouys. a red Nun and green Can. seriously, that's what they are called. and no we're not keeping them. so it was a successful maiden voyage to say the least.

however, it did remind me that we don't have a name for her. i wanted Tipsy, but Todd has that taken for the Hobie. so i'm interested in any names that anyone can give me for the girl. winner gets a hardy handshake and a pat on the back!


Brandon said...


Cookie said...

per Todd....lush-us. that may be the winner!

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