Wednesday, April 8, 2009

our beach - or something like that

okay, these were taken March 24th, when we still had water surrounding the house.
North beach (between us and Kim's)

South beach (no, not Miami! between us & Ray, aka Fiero house)

i believe by this level we could walk in with our hip waders, but still couldn't drive in. the only thing difference now is there is no water on the "land" side of things, the water on the beach is only down about 2 feet and we burned most of the debris on the North this past weekend. oh, and that big white metal thing is some old fuel tank. most likely off a farmer's field. Kate just had to have it for her dad. and wouldn't you know it, he just loved it. sick sick people!

we still have tons in front of the house on the beach, and on the South beach. there's easily 5 Trees...full trees people, not some small trunk...sitting on the South end. this cleanup is and will be hell for a while. i'll try to get some shots of what remains of my yard, if you can call it that. it's pretty much gone, and i mean GONE! as in, didn't you guys have a yard at one time?

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