Thursday, February 19, 2009

mrs marty feldman

okay, so nacho and i fully admit we're addicted to TopChef. and even though we record it, we can't wait to watch it so we watch it the same night - just 15min late so we don't have to suffer through commercials. i've even got my co-worker B hooked on it. i look forward to Thurs now cuz (1) it's Virtual Friday and (2) i wait for B to ask "so......D.......did you watch TopChef last night?" my next goal is to get him hooked on ProjectRunway, but that's for another time. anyway, like many critics, i thought this season started off slow and finally ramped it's ass up to something interesting. case in point, i thought Carla should have been dropped early in the season, but i find myself rooting for her to win each episode now. and i was so excited when she won last night, and won the car at that - i'll refrain from product placement. but this whole time i can't help but think she looks like Mrs Marty Feldman! it's so bad that B now says he can't look at her without thinking that. and Nacho and i have this Mystery Science Theatre thing going where whe she gets all excited we mute the sound at the end of whatever she's saying and insert our own extra ending like "i thought my eyes were gonna bug out!". but i have to say in reading commentaries this morning about the show, this by far is my favorite:
  • Back in the 80s, Carla used to model. She didn't say for whom. My guess is Jim Henson.
don't get me wrong, i really do like her and i'm rooting for her to win this thing - Stefan's cockiness has gotten a little more than old. but god love her for her animation!

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