Sunday, February 22, 2009

help you help me

so i've actually done pretty well with THIS THING the last several months. i held up to some well-earned criticism about why i was even bothering at all. and i questioned it myself and came to the conclusion that it was simply the right thing to do. well it was bound to happen and i broke 2 weeks ago. came home from yoga and nacho asked how was it. i proceeded to verbally puke my frustration with THIS THING. thank god he is how he is. then Bridgette calls Friday to vent her thing and in the process of helping her work through hers, i offer a common perspective....either resolve it by leaving or find a way to live with it cuz eventually this is not venting this is bitching. she thanks me and i start to puke the same verbal vomit on her that i did on nacho 2 weeks ago. EXCEPT i catch myself remembering what i just told her. and now i'm bitching. but thank you Bridgette for letting me catch myself and testing me to tell you more...which i did not. i will find a way to live with this or i will leave.

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