Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall

can someone define "a little" for me please?  this year's flood is the new all-time record!  we started out at a 30' prediction but that has since been backed down to 29.4'. whew!  that was close wasn't it?  and with so much water affecting so many more people, we were a tad bit busy the last week helping more than just ourselves.  so i'm a little light on photos but here is what i have so far:

this is my north yard as of last Friday (4/19) around 430pm.
it is one of the last gimplses i would have of it until this water recedes!  you may recall from 2008 that THIS is how it fills up.  the water started coming over at about 930pm & by the next morning, we had this
so we were definitely kayaking out to the vehicles.  you can see a glimpse of my patio under there & it was accessible most of the day Saturday.  technically, it is accessible now, it's just up to the boob line if you dare to walk around in it - which i did yesterday hence how i know!
more importantly, Sunday we were seeing the bulk of the water & realized getting The Monsters in & out was going to be more difficult than in years past.  at 11 1/2 Cookie is not having the kayak ride anymore & Baxter is just so completely freaked out that it's not worth the trouble.  so off to Tucker's we went to retrieve the john boat.  and off to Bass Pro nacho went to buy a new trolling motor because we foolishly gave our old one to my sis thinking "ahhh we'll never use this thing!"  we are mental giants are we not!  but boxers can only hold it so long, so big thank you's to Barry for taking the kids on a bathroom break for us Sunday!
later that day i decided to check out the garage & get to those hard to reach places while i have the chance!
my side sits the lowest at about 8ft.  at this point (Sunday) we still had at least another foot of water to expect.  i'd love to give you an updated photo, but i can't even duck to get in there now!  and apologies for the blurry photo here; it's hard to get a good photo in the waves & manage not to bang your head on the ceiling!
fortunately, Nacho's side sits a little higher than mine so we have less to worry about on his side.
and on the outside, it looks like this

and again, this was Sunday, so it's come up another 1ft+ by now (Tues).  
and i know you are all wondering how we do it, so you will be glad to know, we are coping just fine!
just wait though, as soon as the temps come up & the wind dies down, we'll break out the chiminea & a new Floody Mary recipe!


337 said...


Was waiting for you to post pics. I figured you two would be alright, you're good like that.

Any idea if its gotten up to the house that was built behind truitt's p's house? Did it go into your neighbor's house to the south? It looks really close in that one photo.

Cookie said...

i have not even left our house until going to work today so i have no idea if it hit Shane's or not (that's the pple in front of Truitts). as for Ray next door, it probably made it about an inch maybe 2 in his house. they moved out over the weekend & put everything up in the house.

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