Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday +1

yesterday i celebrated the 2nd anniversary  of my 22nd birthday!  and boyee was it awesome!  and by awesome i mean i got to spend the bulk of my day dealing with the same pile of computer horrors that never seems to get any smaller.  i know!  jealous!
now to be completely honest, the day didn't start off bad. i did my usual bday swim where i swim the number of laps that match my bday.  next year i'm rolling the count back!  and so i got to spend the first part of the morning with my pool crew!  when i got back home to get ready for work, i was greeted by the usual boxer brigade & this
that's what my boy made me!  and luckily with dry erase so i can clean it off.  and yes, that is a sign above the toilet that says No Bicycle Riding. it is a persistent problem in our house!
i had the usual texts and calls from friends and family - my sister always beats everyone to the punch!  and someone always calls to sing me happy birthday - Kims do no quit your day job, nor should you produce your own jingle.  just sayin'!  but thank you so much!
the boxers worked hard on their gifts!  Baxter made me this
and Cookie spent her money & skills on this
and there was this in the mail
let me tell you, if you ever get a gift with a logo like that on the return address?  be ye suspicious.  since there was no odor & appeared to be nothing moving inside, i assumed it was safe.  nacho left his hazmat suit at work so we took our chances opening it in the house.  and because at 44 i have no shame, i'm willing to model said gift
heelloooo SpongeBob!
last but not least, it's cake time! well, it WAS cake time mmmmmmm
thanks to all who contributed to the happy day!

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