Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy DayAfterValenties Day!

so how was your VD?  wait, that's probably not something i want you to answer!  but mine was great thanks!  we typically buck the tradition of going out to eat because, well, i hate people & you can be sure to encounter them at dinner on Feb 14th!  instead, we stayed in & cooked for each other - i prefer that anyway!  i had planned to do a pork loin from my Ina Garten recipe book & Nacho was completely on board.  so on board, that he simply took over!
so i did what i do best.....i made cupcakes!
and ate half the batter - SALMONELLA BE DAMNED!!!
but also while Nacho handled most of the cooking, i worked on a little VD gift (hehe).  no not that kind, but this one does keep giving back!
not much to it but i'll give cred & some very abbreviated steps in a separate post!
and then we ate!
mmmm twas delish!  another excellent job by TheMan.  and then we exchanged gifts.  Nacho got me one of my faves, Fanny May DARK Chocolate Covered Cherries.  yes, i said Dark, not the regular stuff.  i could eat these til i puke!  romantic huh?  and i got him
yep!  those are 2 hair combs you see there! there was a 3rd blue one, but it went with Nacho to hockey practice this morning at which point he FINALLY RETURNED MINE!  i don't do anything without an ulterior motive! and finally, "Nacho made me" (aka i made a gift to me from him) a very special flower arrangement.
that there is nothing but Cherry Blow Pops!  my absolute favorite sucker.  normally you cannot buy a bag of just the Cherry, but apparently at Valentines you can and i jumped on it!  so the local hardware store can sigh a bit of relief that i won't be cleaning them out for a couple of weeks!

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