Sunday, January 27, 2013

A New Year New Projects

anyone want to guess what our next project is here?  WARNING:  this is not staged!  it really does look like this!  GRAPHIC PHOTOS AHEAD!

makes your eyes bleed doesn't it?  and this is after i've done a little cleaning!  seriously!  they say it gets worse before it gets better.  it's about to get WAAAAAY worse people!
our office was the first room we tacked when we moved in back in 2001.  hard to believe that looking at it now.  but once upon a time, this room had cotton candy pink walls, grey-purple carpet & a purple-ish ceiling.  i know! why on earth would i ever get rid of it?
it's time has come around again.  oddly enough this is right in line with some of the design blogs I frequent.  the themes in the last week have been about bloggers getting their office spaces organized.  i'm right there with them.  mine will be no small feat!  you know how some people have that counter top or drawer where everything seems to get dumped?  you are looking at my counter top/drawer.
i would never imagine blaming it all on Nacho - okay i can imagine it!  but i am just as much to blame as he is.
after redoing the kitchen in 2011, we made a decision to completely revamp it this year - wow, it does not seem like it was really that long ago!  for the safety of our marriage, i gave us 2012 off so we could take a break from decision after decision & decide what we wanted to do with this room.  as per usual, we still haven't made up our minds & i've pinned waaay too many ideas.
ugh!  so now I have to put Nacho's money where my pins are.  i may need to be committed after this one though!  so i'm off in search of some easy online room layout tool.....and gathering a few more pins! shhhhh

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