Friday, January 13, 2012

splish splash

Warning: Adult Content in this Post!

as usual, i'm about threeee months late posting this, but then you already guessed that. Waaaaay back in November i got Terry to agree to help ME put the tile back splash up in the kitchen.  and by ME i mean Nacho.  i'd mentioned the tile here, so that tells you how long i'd had it sitting in the garagae.  we don't do anything but hockey in a hurry around here.

i know i took a before photo somewhere but cannot find it.  so just close your eyes & picture a plain, basically white wall.  well that wall was starting to see some wear from spaghetti sauce, etc. so we figured we needed to get the lead out & get it tiled.  let's see, the date on my photos say Saturday, November 5, 2011, so it was Wednesday, November 2, that Terry came over to talk through the layout with me.  let me tell you something, there is nothing like watching someone who does this stuff for a living!  i was amazed at how fast he'd figured all the field tiles without really measuring much of anything.  he took one field tile, laid it against the wall, and basically drew all the rest free hand to get an idea of how it would lay.  and remember, we had decided to lay these in a straight horizontal pattern - no brick pattern here.  since we were going to intersperse the glass tiles around the wall, we simply took 10 pieces of paper cut to 4 x 6 & taped those up on the wall.  we did change one thing; we decided to insert some of those on a vertical.  again, impressive that Terry never flinched & just kept laying it all out in pencil.  Terry said i had until Saturday to look at those pieces of paper taped to the wall & change what i didn't like, but i had to stay in the lines drawn for the field tiles.  i didn't change a thing cuz he got it right the 1st time - this is why i picked him!

so Saturday the 5th rolls around and here we go!
field tile on the West & North wall.  notice the little dots between the tiles?  basic nails for spacers!

and here they are again looking mostly at the North wall.  notice the blanks we left for the glass inserts.
the top row was filled in by field tiles cut in half.
Nacho had the glass tiles laid out using a field tile to cut that sheet into 4 x 6 pieces.
while Terry installed them.
Nacho was able to do most of the cutting for the glass sheets on the tile cutter that Terry brought, but he did have to cut some by hand.  and there is 1 glass inset that i had to piece together tile by tile!  so i really did help do the back splash in the end.

our project was not without peril!  we did have 1 accident that i have yet to report to OSHA.  Terry was wiping his hand across one of the tile sheets after Nacho cut it and, not even thinking about what he was doing, sliced his finger.  not bad, but bad enough we had to break out the Finger Condoms for him!
truth be told i think he liked saying this was the only tile job he'd ever had to use a condom on!

after that it was grout, caulk (which yours truly did) & attaching the silver electrical & light plates that i got at Lowe's.  And here kids is our finished wall!
we couldn't be happier!

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