Sunday, August 7, 2011

Projects Sneak Peek

it's not like things have stopped on the kitchen, they've just ground to a halt with me personlly.  but i'm working through that.  amazingly enough, we are through most of the big reno items.  i couldn't believe it when Terry told me they were pretty much through billing us.  so here are a  couple of catch-up pics & i have to thank Chezerbey's Kitchen Follow-up for getting me motivated to post SOMETHING, my god ANYTHING about where we're at!
when we last visited these, i think the interior had been primed but not painted. it took me an entire weekend, but i (and by i, i mean I, NOT NACHO) finally got them painted.
sorry the photo isn't the greatest, but i still don't know how to get an interior shot to look good when all that sunlight is pouring in.  have i ever mentioned how much i HATE painting trim?  and Nacho "loves to paint" but apparently that love does not extend to trim cuz i one point he said "i guess i should help you paint" & next thing you know he's out sandbonying the beach!  **heavy sigh**
in addition i (and by i, i mean I & NOT NACHO) have gone the distance & painted the exterior as well!  okay, props to Nacho cuz he did prime them!
and can you believe that at one time all we had was this...
what a difference a little glass makes!
you may have noticed in the background of that first photo a little shelving unit hanging there.  and while i could make this it's own post, cuz they are so awesome, i go ahead & give them to you here.  i think i'd mentioned at the beginning of this project that our upper cabinet layout was going to stop at the hood thingy.  i can't tell you how many people were wondering what exactly we were going to put to the right of that hood.  well, here's what we did...
i think i also mentioned that the idea actually came from here.  it's more decorative than anything, & i have a couple more items to put on it, but i love it!
we carried this same shelving idea over onto the big dining room wall...
KABLAAM!!! is that a statment or what?  i mean the shelves of course, but it's hard not to notice The Kids isn't it?  We actually designed the shelving unit around the portraits. i had those done as a gift for Nacho last Christmas.  my plan had been to hang them side by side over our headboard, but when Terry saw them, he said you have to put them here so people can see them.  you know what?  i think this guy knows what he's doing!
Dining Seating
and while we're in this part of the house, i think i've found my solution to the bench cushions!  i'm a beginner at sewing, but i did manage to make this a few weeks ago.  i figure if i can wing my way through a zipper without looking at anything, then surely i can make seat cushions.  and i found this posting at Sew Mamma Sew

after reading it, i really think i can do it!  right now i'm trying to decide between two "fabrics" that i found at Target...
as much as i love the punch of color in the one on the left, i'm thinking i better go with the more neutral one on the right because that dining corner is all green!  perhaps i'll do back cushions in various patterns/shades to add a punch of color.  oh, and did you notice?  these are shower curtains. funny thing is, i came up with this idea about 2 months ago and, wouldn't you know it, someone else did too!
and did you notice where she found her fabric? so i must be on the right track! i really hope i can report back successfully on this one!
okay, that's all for now. don't want to give it all away in one long post! i have all my pictures taken & downloaded from the camera, so there really is no excuse for me not to trickle the updates in right?


Mel said...

I found your post about the cushions, hmmm almost a year later and you still haven't made them. You know what, just go for it.

Yes, mine could be better, but it's good enough for me.

Your kitchen is gorgeous (now)

Mel said...

oh gosh, I'm sorry, my comment reads like I'm scolding you, but the spirit was supposed to read like encouragement :) Serious fail on my part.

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