Wednesday, October 8, 2008

well, we're all dry now. at least most of it is. i haven't posted anything in a while cuz i've been too busy cleaning up. with most everything out of the garage, we're taking this opportunity to re-paint the walls and floor. nacho did that last weekend and we have a nice 2-tone thing going on in my side. one color for the boat parking and the other for me. i'll get a pic and post it.

also, the field behind us is relatively drained. not dry but drained. unfortunately the guy who farms it is in Fl and won't be back until next week i think. so he'll plow it under at that time. that should make a huge difference in smell. yeah, it's kinda gross.

so now it's just continued cleanup and throwing away. ahhh. nothing like a flood to get you motivated!

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