Monday, December 3, 2007

not bad for an old lady

while the weather outside was frightful, i managed to stick to my only race a year, the Jingle Bell Run. Peoria has managed to re-route this fantastic run right past the public housing. whoever thought that made for an awesome route is probably also behind the proposed IMAX theatre. if you managed to make it past public housing and thought you were out of the woods, think again. you then had to contend with the un-salted walking/running/biking path. only in Peoria! despite all of that, i managed a decent finish:

                     FEMALE AGE GROUP:  35 - 39
1 Daphne Scott-Henderson 37 IL 24:41
2 Denise Antonacci 38 IL 25:59
3 Natalie Fortin 35 IL 27:29

there you have it folks, in black and white. i am officially the first loser!

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